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Getting Off The Tourist Trail in Tenerife

Many visitors arriving in Tenerife proceed to the popular holiday resorts of the south coast and remain there for the duration of their stay. With a wide range of activities and entertainment in this area, along with year-round sunshine, it’s not surprising that people opt to stay in the area, but Tenerife has lots more of offer for those willing to venture a little further afield.

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Family Fun in The Algarve

Embark on a seamless summer journey to the enchanting Algarve, where sun-drenched beaches and vibrant cultural experiences await. Allow us to guide you through a travel experience filled with exploration, relaxation, and unforgettable memories.

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Bite n Sip: Tenerife for Foodies

Planning a winter sun holiday to Tenerife? It’s time to jot some must-try dishes and gastro-experiences down!

Tenerife has a rich and diverse gastronomy. With a blend of ancient Guanches recipes, Latin American influences brought by migrants in the 20th century, fresh fish and seafood, as well as Spanish tapas… a feast of flavours awaits you.

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Croatia, The Beautiful Dalmatian Coast

You asked, we listened. And, now, we can’t wait to take you to Croatia, our brand new destination for Summer 2024. Precisely, we’ll be flying direct to Split. So, read on and learn why!

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Great Places to Eat in Ibiza

“Food forms a big part of any holiday for us and so having returned from Ibiza a few pounds heavier this month, I wanted to share with you a handful of the places that we enjoyed for lunch and dinner during our week away” Robert Mackenzie, our MD, says.

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Christmas in Tenerife: Spanish Traditions

Are you thinking about visiting Tenerife this Christmas? You you should know how the locals celebrate before landing there! Nuria, the Spanish member of our Marketing team, tells you everything about it, so hang on to your hat because Spanish traditions are unlike any other in the world.

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Tantalising Tavira

Our Marketing Manager Bex recently spent a week on the spectacular Algarve, exploring a resort that may not be on everyone’s radar, but certainly should be in future. Read all about her experience of Tavira on the eastern Algarve here.

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White Villages in Andalusia

We believe that Andalusia is one of the most colourful and distinct regions of Spain, and that there’s much more to Costa del Sol than just beaches. So, dust off the sand and explore some of the beautiful Andalusia’s white villages in Málaga province.

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Tenerife for families

With its balmy temperatures all year round, beautiful black and gold sand beaches, moon-scape scenery, plenty of opportunities to see the Milky Way and loads of fun activities to do with kids… it should come as no surprise that Tenerife ranks as one of Spain’s most family-friendly holiday spots.

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Our MD, Robert Mackenzie visits Ibiza 40 years on from his last trip

The first and only time I visited Ibiza, prior to last summer, was 40 years’ ago when as an impoverished student I, together with a few pals, decided a week in San Antonio was just what we needed to celebrate graduation. Needless to say, over the years memories have faded of this particular trip – however safe to say time was mainly spent enjoying the nightlife rather than exploring the island.

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